Telling time: Digital clock with half hours
Telling time: Digital clock with half hours

Telling time: Digital clock with half hours

I can tell and write time in half-hours using digital clocks.

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Students practice reading digital clocks and utilizing them to tell time to the half hours. They will learn how to tell and write time in half-hours using digital clocks. Students will be able to understand the different parts of a digital clock, learn to differentiate between A.M. and P.M., and practice using the term “half past.” Students will read various digital clocks to the half-hour, solve word problems, and complete activities such as helping bees deliver honey on time by reading the time on several digital clocks out loud!



Learning Objective

Students will be able to correctly tell and write time in half hours using digital clocks.


Introduce students to the time, what it is, and why it is important. Have students discuss their answers to several introductory questions with one another.


Explain that a half-hour is a whole hour that is split in half or 30 minutes. Ask them why they think half hours are important when telling time. Show students the steps they should take to properly read and write time using digital clocks to the half-hour. Guide students in completing activities such as whether or not it is time for their basketball game, voting for the time they think a digital clock reads with their classmates, and solving various other word problems. Then, introduce students to the phrase “half past” and have students practice reading the time on different digital clocks and determining the time using the newly learned phrase.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions.


Students will determine who completed the race first: Tim the Turtle, or Harry the Hare. They will look at the provided digital clocks and write the name of the winner on the lines provided.

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