Telling Time: Analog Clock with Quarters

Telling Time: Analog Clock with Quarters

I can tell and write time to the quarter-hour using analog clocks.

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Telling Time: Analog Clock with Quarters

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In this lesson, students learn about analog clocks and how to utilize them to tell time to quarter hours. They will learn how to tell time using the phrases ’quarter past,’ ‘half-past,’ and ‘quarter to.’ Students will complete several activities to test their understanding of the concepts. They will practice recognizing and acknowledging that when the long hand points to the 3, one quarter passed, and when it points to the 9, three quarters have passed. Students will watch a video about telling time to the quarter hours and will complete several activities in which they practice applying the knowledge they learned.



Learning Objective

Students will learn how to properly tell and write time in quarter hours using analog clocks.


Briefly review whole hours and half hours with students and introduce them to the concept of quarter hours by having them watch an engaging video.


Begin the lesson by describing that a whole hour is divided into 4 quarters. Show them how this can be displayed on a pizza, then how that concept can be transferred to an analog clock. Explain each quarter of an hour, and how one quarter is equal to 15 minutes. Discuss ‘quarter past’ with students, and have them complete an activity in which they help Lisa the Ladybug drag the correct time into the correct box.

Continue the lesson by discussing ‘half past’ and ‘quarter to.’ Guide students in completing several activities in which they match times to analog clocks, display the correct times on adjustable analog clocks, and take turns with their classmates reading the time on an interactive clock tool.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions and match the correct times to the analog clocks.


Students will read the time on an oven to figure out when their cupcakes will be ready! They will write their answers on the provided lines.

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