Telling time: Analog clock with 10 and 5 minutes

Telling time: Analog clock with 10 and 5 minutes

I can tell and write time in 10 and 5 minutes using analog clocks.

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Telling time: Analog clock with 10 and 5 minutes

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In this lesson, students will learn all about analog clocks and how to utilize them to tell the time in intervals of 10 and 5 minutes. They will learn how to tell time by multiplying the number that the big hand is pointing to by 5, or to skip count by 5s. Students will complete several activities to test their understanding of the concepts. Students will watch a video about telling time to five minutes and will complete several activities in which they practice applying the knowledge they learned.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to properly tell and write time with 10 and 5-minute intervals using analog clocks.


Briefly review analog clocks and how when the minute hand points to a number, we multiply that number by 5 to get the minutes. Before beginning the lesson, have students discuss their answers to two questions with one another.


Begin the lesson by briefly reviewing information students have already learned then introduce them to telling time with 5 minutes by having them watch a video. Continue the lesson by detailing how an analog clock has ten 5-minute increments and six 10-minute increments, and go over each with students. Guide students in completing an activity in which they adjust an analog clock to display the time they must leave their house to join their friend’s pool party!

Continue the lesson by having students read, and pronounce the various times on their new class schedule. Then, have students practice their time writing skills by helping “Clocky the Caterpillar” read his clocks. Explain the difference between A.M. and P.M. and have students practice differentiating between the two.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions.


Students take turns spinning the wheel with their classmates to unveil various analog clocks. They will say the time they see out loud and write it in their notebook.

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