Teaching acceptance (3-5)

Teaching acceptance (3-5)

I can celebrate diversity.

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Teaching acceptance (3-5)

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No two people are exactly alike. And when two people come from different cultures, they can have many differences in the way that they look, dress, speak, eat, and more. These differences make our world more interesting by providing unique perspectives on life. Still, at the end of the day, we are all humans and more alike than different, and that means we can all get along and respect the perspectives of others!

Learning objective

Students will be able to explain the importance of celebrating diversity.


Begin by discussing how there are many different kinds of people in the world who are unique and special. These differences are what make the world an interesting place. Ask students to share the ways in which people differ. For example, they may speak, eat, or dress differently. Afterward, define “diversity.”


Discuss the diversity of different races, ethnicities, and cultures. Explain how students might express curiosity or ask questions about a person’s culture respectfully. Ask why respect is important when it comes to other people’s languages, accents, and customs. Continue to discuss how people’s beliefs and religions also differ. Despite these differences, we can all still be friends!

Share a scenario and have students reflect on the situation. How would they feel in that situation and how would they behave differently? Go over the diversity of abilities and explain that some people use wheelchairs or use guide dogs. Explain the importance of finding similarities within each other too. Students then read about two different people and find the similarities and differences between the two.


Talk about the negative consequences of not accepting others. Have students reflect on what they’ve learned.

Teaching tips

Note to teachers: This lesson has a lot of important content and may introduce concepts that are new to many students. Feel free to cover this lesson over multiple days!

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