Syllables in spoken words

Syllables in spoken words

I can count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.

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Syllables in spoken words

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Students learn to count, pronounce, blend and segment syllables in spoken words.



Learning objective

Students will be able to count, pronounce, blend and segment syllables in spoken words.


As a class, practice recognizing upper and lowercase letters by asking students to circle the upper or lowercase of the spoken letter.


Introduce the class to the term syllables and explain that they help you learn to decode words to learn to read. Teach students that they can clap out the syllables of a word and practice with two examples. Say the word and practice clapping out the syllables in the next set of examples. Have students listen to the name of the animal, and then determine how many syllables are in the animal's name. Practice this again, but with dots representing the number of syllables. Have students say and clap the words and write an x for every syllable that they hear. Next discuss blending syllables with the class. You do not stop between syllables of a word, you squish them together. Practice with the syllable chunks given. Ask students to drag images to the one-, two-, or three-syllable word boxes. With a second set of objects, have students color the number of syllables present in the words. You may choose to ask a student to come to the board to draw a flower in the pot for each syllable that the word has. (Example- duck has 1 syllable, draw 1 flower). Practice with another set of words.


Students are given ten questions in which they are given word with a matching image and they must determine how many syllables the word has. Encourage students to say and clap the words to determine syllable amounts.


Remind students that breaking words into their syllables is segmenting and that we squish syllables together to blend words. Close the lesson with a word-hunt. Ask students to highlight all the words that have three syllables.

Teaching tips

Any physical activity (clapping, finger tapping) can help make the division between syllables more clear to students.

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