Support reasons with facts and details
Support reasons with facts and details

Support reasons with facts and details

I can support my reasons with facts and details that support a larger idea.

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Students learn to support reasons with facts and details. They learn to determine which facts or details are best suited to support a given reason.



Learning objective

Students will be able to support a reason with relevant and convincing facts and details.


Review the definition of a claim with the students and provide an example. Then review the definition of a reason and provide an example. Ask students to determine if a given statement is a claim or reason. Explain to students that when reasons are not supported by facts or details, that readers will not be convinced the reason is true. If every supporting fact or detail is convincing to the reader, then they will also believe and support the larger idea. You can imagine your facts and details as proof and you as a detective searching for the truth.


Define facts and details for your students. As a class, read the paragraph that has a reason supported by facts and details. Read the next paragraph and ask students if the facts and details prove the reason. Show another example of a paragraph and as a class to determine if the facts and details prove the reason. In this paragraph they do not- the facts, though some are true, do not prove the main reason. Show the students a reason and ask them to select facts and details from among the options that would support that main reason. Then give students a paragraph in which the main reason is missing. Based on the given facts and details, what might the main reason be?


Students are given a set of 10 questions to check their understanding of key concepts from the lesson in which they also determine which facts or details support a given reason.


Remind students that they are now able to support reasons with details and facts and that by choosing strong facts and details they make their writing stronger and easier to follow. Close by having students write a paragraph in which they try to convince the school to give students extra recess.

Teaching tips

Feel free to substitute other topics for the final exercise.

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