Suffixes: -ly, -ing, -ful, -ness

Suffixes: -ly, -ing, -ful, -ness

I can add suffixes -ly, ing, -ful, and -ness, to root words.

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Suffixes: -ly, -ing, -ful, -ness

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In this lesson, students will learn common suffixes that they can add to words to alter their meanings. They will do several activities, including identifying words with suffixes, adding suffixes to different root words, and putting puzzle pieces with parts of words together.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use conventional spelling to add suffixes -ly, ing, -ful, -ness, to root words.


Students will write three words for each prefix: "re-," "un-," "dis-," and "pre-." Explain why it is important to understand suffixes.


Students will add the suffix "ful" or "ness to each of the root words: "grace," "power," "thank," "fit," "kind," and "fair." For example, they may add "ful" to "grace" to get "graceful." They will also put puzzle pieces with root words and suffixes together to create words. Next, they will write two words for each suffix they uncover. Students will read sentences and circle words that contain a suffix. Students will uncover a secret word, and write the root word and its suffix. They will then unscramble words with suffixes. They will also read sentences that contain words with suffixes and write the meanings of the words.


Students will respond to ten multiple-choice, open-ended, and short-answer questions.


Students will recall what they learned:
- What is a suffix?
- What is the first tip to understanding words with suffixes?

Students will use spinners to create words (e.g., "sad" + "ing" or "fear" + "ful"). They will then determine if the word makes sense. Lastly, students will think of words with the suffixes -ly, -ing, -ful, and -ness.

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