Subject-verb agreement
Subject-verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement

I can identify and correct errors in subject-verb agreement.

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Proper subject-verb agreement is important in written or verbal communication. Doing this correctly requires being able to distinguish between singular and plural nouns and verbs. To practice this, students are introduced to the concept of singular vs. plural and then asked to look at practice problems to identify correct usage.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and correct errors in subject-verb agreement.


Students will read the sentences, "The fox stop in his tracks. He turn to look over his shoulder. What do he see?" They will discuss what they notice about the sentences. Subject-verb agreement is important because it makes writing easier to understand.


Students will be introduced to the concept of subject-verb agreement. They will see how a singular subject needs to have a verb that ends in 's' or 'es.' A plural subject does not need a verb that ends in 's' or 'es.' Next, students will read sentences and tell whether they have correct subject-verb agreement. They will complete other activities practicing subject-verb agreement, including choosing the correct verb in given sentences, supplying verbs to a passage about lions. They will also pick four verbs from a word bank and write four sentences using the verbs correctly.


Students are given 10 questions to help students distinguish between singular and plural nouns.


Students are asked to reflect on what proper subject-verb agreement is, and why it is important to understand this concept and use it in one's own communications. They will then complete an exit slip writing three sentences each containing both correct and incorrect subject-verb agreement.

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