Structure of a story
Structure of a story

Structure of a story

I can identify and define the three parts of the structure of a story.

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In this lesson, students will identify the three parts of stories in their own stories as well as short stories in the lesson. They will learn characteristics of each part and include them in the stories they write. Students will have many opportunities to practice this skill.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and define the three parts of the structure of a story.


Students will look at three pictures of two people, a fire, and a firetruck, respectively, and tell a story about the pictures. They will discuss the structure of a sample story about the three pictures: the beginning, middle, and end. Explain why it is important for stories to have these three parts.


The lesson uses a roller coaster analogy to show beginning, middle, and end. Students will see the beginning as the part of the roller coaster before it goes up. Expalin that this is when characters and setting are introduced. Next, the middle is shown as the top of the roller coaster and where the problem is introduced. Finally, the end of the story is the bottom of the roller coaster and when the problem from the middle is solved, or the solution.

Students will read two stories separated into three parts each and arrange them in order. Ask students why they picked that order and additional discussion questions for each part.


Students will respond to ten questions which review key terminology and give a short text that they must identify elements of.


Ask students to recall what they learned in this lesson:
- What is the structure of a story?
- Why is the structure of a story important?

Students will create a story based on three pictures about soccer. They will identify the beginning, middle, and end. Lastly, students will match the "beginning," "middle," and "end" with their definitions.

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