Strengthen writing by editing and revising
Strengthen writing by editing and revising

Strengthen writing by editing and revising

I can revise and edit my writing with help from an adult or peer.

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In this lesson, students will use the "Cops" checklist to edit their capitalization, organization, punctuation, and spelling in their writing. There is a checklist printable available on the title slide and Slide 4 for your convenience.



Learning objective

Students will be able to revise and edit their writing with help from an adult or peer.


Students will discuss the books they read and how the words have correct grammar and spelling. They will watch a video about why it is important to edit their writing.


Students will look at the "Cops" checklist (printable available). They will edit a short passage with mistakes using the "Cops" checklist. Before they do that, they will point out some mistakes they saw in the passage while reading. The first letter in "Cops" is C, so students will start editing the capitalization in the passage, using rules such as capitalizing the first word of a sentence, "I," and proper nouns. Next, they will look at the organization of the passage. Then, they will review periods, question marks, exclamation points, and commas to correct punctuation. Lastly, they will correct spelling.

Students will then play Hangman to practice spelling with barnyard animals.


Students will answer 10 questions practicing correct grammar and spelling.


Have students recall what they learned in this lesson. Each student will then write a paragraph of at least sentences and trade with a peer to edit.

Instruction materials

- printable

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