St. Patrick's Day Activities
St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day Activities

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with fun and engaging activities!

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with word games and a variety of fun games and activities. The lesson is filled with engaging activities including hangman, a word search, anagrams, and more!

Learning Objective

Students will be able to use word knowledge and spelling skills to decipher words related to St. Patrick’s Day. They will also be able to reflect and write about why they are “lucky” in life. Finally, students will be able to count disorganized amounts to 10 and graph their results.




The lesson begins with a table of contents that links to different activities. First, students play a number of word games beginning with a letter mix-up. Here, students will rearrange the letters in the word “leprechaun” to create 3-letter words, 4-letter words, and words with 5 or more letters. Next, students unscramble letters to find the words like, “rainbow,” “gold,” and “shamrock.” Then play a game of hangman and complete a word search.


Students participate in several activities. They will complete the patterns they see by dragging the correct images. Next, students will think about who or what they are grateful for and write what makes them lucky on a four-leaf clover. There is a printable version of this activity available that students can fill in and color. Finally, students count the St. Patrick’s Day - themed images and color in the boxes to graph the amounts.

Instruction materials

The lesson includes a printable worksheet for students to write about what makes them lucky in life. Have students color and decorate the four-leaf clover.

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