Spelling practice: Y to i; adding suffixes to words
Spelling practice: Y to i; adding suffixes to words

Spelling practice: Y to i; adding suffixes to words

I can correctly spell words with y to i; adding a suffix to words.

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Students will practice spelling words applying the“y to i” rule when creating plurals and adding suffixes. A variety of exercises will reinforce this skill, ending with a lively spelling game called Sparkle.



Learning objective

Students will be able to correctly spell words applying the “y to i” add a suffix rule.


The lesson begins by encouraging students to think about spelling rules they already know. They will be given a rule, such as "word with a long vowel sound," and then be asked to come up with a word.


Beginning this lesson is a review on the prerequisite skill of quickly identifying a vowel by clapping when one is revealed. They also practice taking a word apart into the root and suffix. The “y to i” rule” is then introduced along with examples of how to apply it to spelling. The students are instructed that this rule is used to make plurals as well as adding a suffix. This is followed by a drag and drop activity sorting words that would use the rule. A paragraph to proofread for the correct use of this rule provides further practice.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will learn the rules of the spelling game “Sparkle.” They are provided with 4 words to spell and then are encouraged to add some more words that they have learned from the lesson. The game continues until there is just one speller left.

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