Spaces between words
Spaces between words

Spaces between words

I can recognize that words are separated by spaces within printed texts in order

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Students will learn about what a space is and why it is used in sentences. Then they will practice recognizing spaces in printed texts and counting how many spaces are in a given sentence. Students will learn that spaces help them read more easily.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize that words are separated by spaces within printed texts in order to make reading easier.


Students will look at an excerpt from a book and notice the breaks, or spaces, between the words.


Students will try to read the sentence, "Thecatsatonthehat." They will discuss with a partner why it is tricky to read the sentence. Next, they will look at the fixed sentence, "The cat sat on the hat." They will discuss how much easier it is to read with the spaces.

Next, students will count the spaces in several sentences, such as, "See the car go." They will also make sentences with given words, like, "I like my dog."


Students are given 10 questions in which they must determine how many spaces are in the given sentences and determining where the spaces belong in a given sentence.


Students will recall how spaces between words help them. To close the lesson, students will play a spin the wheel game that involves writing sentences with given words.

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