Sort notes/evidence into provided categories

Sort notes/evidence into provided categories

I can take notes on relevant information and categorize it.

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Sort notes/evidence into provided categories

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In the lesson, students will review how to avoid plagiarism by citing sources, as well as how to gather information and take organized notes (using color-coded index cards). Students will complete an extension activity writing their own report about an animal of their choice.



Learning objective

Students will be able to take notes on relevant information and categorize it.


Students will read a grocery list. Next, they'll sort food items into categories.


Students will discuss how to take notes for specific categories by highlighting index cards. They will also go over online and printed sources. Students will be reminded not to plagiarize and what they should do instead. They'll look at the proper way to cite their sources and answer questions about a citation of print resources. Next, students will do the same with an online source about dolphins. They will then read texts and highlight facts that they want to use in their reports. They will drag words or phrases from the texts to make notes. They will also highlight text themselves to make notes and answer questions about texts. Students will watch video about how to create an outline from their notes.


Review citations, plagiarism, notes, and classification with 10 questions.


Have students recall what they learned in this lesson. Lastly, each student will pick their own animal to research and take notes using index cards. They will organize their notes into outlines and design a cover for a report to share it with the class.

Instruction materials

Students will be color-coding their notes using index cards, so they will need:
- index cards
- highlighters (at least 4 different colors)

Colorful index cards will work for this lesson if you do not have 4 different colors of highlighters.

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