Sort into alphabetical order

Sort into alphabetical order

I can sort words into alphabetical order.

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Sort into alphabetical order

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In this lesson, students will work on sorting words into alphabetical order. They will learn that sorting starts with the first letter, then the second, and so on. They will do several activities to practice this skill.



Learning objective

Students will be able to sort words into alphabetical order.


Students will review the alphabet by taking turns to say each letter in order. Next, they will read the sentence, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," and discuss what is special about it. They'll also answer questions about some letters of the alphabet. Then, they will share times when they have used A-B-C order and how they might use it in the future.


Students will think about the order of the alphabet by writing letters that go in between two letters, such as "c" going in between "a" and "e." Show students that they need to start alphabetizing by the first letters of words, for example, "breads, cookies, doughnuts."

Students will then rearrange words in groups in alphabetical order. They will also complete riddles but dragging words in alphabetical order. They will then sort phone contacts that start with "S" in order.

Students will also see how to sort in alphabetical order by the third letter in a word. They will practice some more with mixed word lists. They will use the letter generator to pick a letter and think of 5 words that start with that letter to alphabetize.


Review alphabetizing concepts with 10 questions sorting letters and words in order.


Have students recall what they learned in this lesson. Lastly, students will alphabetize ten of their classmates' names.

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