Solving the 7 times table

Solving the 7 times table

I can solve the times 7 multiplication facts.

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Solving the 7 times table

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Students will learn multiplication strategies for the times 7 facts. Students are encouraged to reflect on what they’ve learned by looking over a chart of facts. Instruction and practice will cover skip counting and multiples along with using memory tricks such as rhymes and chants.



Learning objective

Students will be able to solve times 7 multiplication facts.


Students will look at a multiplication chart to reflect on facts and strategies they have learned such as the 3 multiplication properties. They will complete a drill of a timed set of facts.


Students review the identity, zero, and commutative properties of multiplication. They will match expressions that show the commutative property. Continuing on, students will practice writing and saying the multiples of 7, reviewing the method of adding seven each time you write a multiple of 7. Students will again practice with a set of the times 7 facts. Instruction will follow on the use of rhymes and chants such as “Don’t let this one make you blue, 6 times 7 is 42." Students then solve facts by answering and dragging the fact through a tunnel to reveal the answer. Students will also apply strategies they've learned to solve word problems.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Using a printout of Mystery Multiple clues, students will solve and find the answer that is a multiple of 7. They will be encouraged to share with their class and write their own clues for a Mystery Multiple.

Instruction materials

A printable of Mystery Multiple clues and blank slips is provided.

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