Solving the 5 times table

Solving the 5 times table

I can solve the times 5 multiplication facts.

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Solving the 5 times table

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Students will learn several strategies to memorize the times 5 multiplication table. They will expand upon the skills they have for counting by 5 and apply it to the multiples of 5.



Learning objective

Students will be able to solve times 5 multiplication facts.


Students review all the ways they already use skip counting by 5. This includes counting nickels and counting minutes around the clock.


This lesson emphasizes the use of multiples to learn the times 5 facts. Students are shown the familiar pattern of the multiples of five ending in zero or 5. A number sort picking out the multiples of 5 reinforces the students' understanding of this. This is followed by a discussion about how the product of 1 × 5 is the first multiple of 5. A matching activity helps to strengthen this skill. Next, students are taught a strategy-based on the idea that 5 is half of ten. For example, 10 × 4= 40. Half of 10 is 5, so 4 × 5 =half of 40, or 20. Finally, students are provided a practice session using a number generator that generates a multiple of 5 to which they provide a multiplication fact. The goal is to list 11 times 5 multiplication facts.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will be timed on how fast they can answer the times 5 multiplication facts.

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