Solving the 4 times table

Solving the 4 times table

I can solve the times 4 multiplication facts.

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Solving the 4 times table

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Students will learn multiple strategies to memorize the times 4 multiplication table. Each strategy will be followed up with opportunities for practice.



Learning objective

Students will be able to solve times 4 multiplication facts.


Students review how multiplication facts can be shown with an array. An array is demonstrated and they build their own by dragging stars into position.


This lesson begins with skip counting by fours. Students are encouraged to pick out a pattern once they see the multiples in order. After writing the multiples again, they refer to their list to answer the facts. The next strategy introduced is the “double doubles.” For example: to solve 4 x 6, you would double the 6 to get 12, then double the 12 for the answer of 24. Students continue the lesson with practice slides for this skill. Continuing on, they gain further understanding by applying what they learned to several story problems. Another exercise has the students drag bees from flowers to reveal answers to the facts they are working to master.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students solve the riddle, “Why is the number 4 a ballerina’s favorite number?" when they give answers to the times 4 facts.

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