Solving the 2 times table

Solving the 2 times table

I can solve the times 2 multiplication facts.

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Solving the 2 times table

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Students will learn multiple strategies to memorize the times 2 multiplication table. Each strategy will be followed up with opportunities for practice.



Learning objective

Students will be able to solve times 2 multiplication facts.


Students will review odd and even numbers. Counting the letters in their names, they will decide if it is an odd or even number. Students will graph their results with the Gynzy bar graph tool.


To begin, students will be introduced to the strategy of repeated addition. For practice, they will be given multiplication facts and they will create the repeated addition sentence that would solve it. Next, students will see that the doubles addition facts can be used to solve a times two fact. With dice, they roll and record the doubles facts. Students will review the identity and zero properties to solve facts with times zero and times one. Next, there is a discussion that skip counting by two is saying the answers, or multiples, to the facts, followed by exercises to practice the skip counting. After writing the multiples again, they refer to their list to answer the facts followed by more practice with an activity of dragging cheese to a mouse; The next strategy introduced is drawing out each fact. For example, to solve 2 x 6, you would draw 2 circles and mark 6 x’s in each circle to get 12. Students continue the lesson with practice slides for this skill. They listen to a fact, then draw it.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will participate in a matching game. They will match the times two facts to the corresponding double addition fact.

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