Skip counting in 2s to 20

Skip counting in 2s to 20

Skip counting in 2s to 20

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Skip counting in 2s to 20

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Students learn to skip count in 2s in different contexts. They also learn that pairs can be made in different ways, and it is best to first count the pairs and then the loose object.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is important to be able to skip count in 2s so as to be able to count faster.


The interactive whiteboard has a row of pennant flags and balloons which contain numbers. Ask the students to fill in the missing numbers. Ask how they know which number is missing and which number is next.


Discuss with students the importance of skip counting in 2s and ask if they know when it is useful to be able to skip count in 2s. Explain that when you skip count in 2s, that you always count two more to the first number, do so using the mittens on the interactive whiteboard. Next 14 shoes, and 18 socks are shown and you can count them aloud as a class. Encourage students to skip count in 2s. With odd numbers of objects, ask students to first count the pairs, count the loose objects to the total that has been skip counted to.

To check that students understand skip counting in 2s to 10, you can ask the following questions:
What is an easy way to count?
Why is it useful to skip count in 2s?
If you have many pairs and one loose object, which order do you count them in? Why?

Guided Practice

Students practice skip counting in 2s with pictures of objects, where they are asked a closed or open question. Next they practice skip counting in 2s with pictures of dots. Ask students to count aloud as much as possible. When the number is odd, tell students to count the pairs first, and then the single objects.


Check that students can skip count in 2s and ask students to explain the process of counting two more to each number. Emphasize that skip counting in 2s is easy and useful so you can count faster.

Teaching Tip

For students who have difficulty, restate that they are counting two more to the original number. Practice skip counting in 2s on the number line out loud and starting at different numbers. When a student already recognizes a number without counting they are further ahead in their numerical development.

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