Skip counting in 10s to 20
Skip counting in 10s to 20

Skip counting in 10s to 20

Skip counting in 10s to 20

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Students learn to skip count in 10s in different contexts. They also learn to first count the groups of ten, and then the remaining objects.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is useful to be able to skip count in 10s, because you can count faster. An example is if you have a box of 10, or a 10 dollar bill.


The interactive whiteboard shows portions of a number line. The first three numbers are given, and the students must continue counting. You can ask the students to write the numbers or to say them aloud.


Explain to students that when skip counting in 10s, you count 10 more to a number. The interactive whiteboard shows the numbers from 1 to 20, and the numbers 10 and 20 are blue. Explain that these are important numbers when skip counting in 10s. Next there is a bead string of 20 beads to use for counting together as a class. Encourage students to skip count in tens. You can also do this with the 17 soda bottles. For objects that are more than 10 you first skip count the 10s, and then count the remaining objects.

To check that students can skip count in 10s to 20 you can ask the following questions:
- What is an easy or quick way to count?
- Why is it useful to skip count in 10s?
- If you have a group with 10 and a few loose objects, which do you count first and why?

Guided Practice

Students first practice with skip counting in 10s with pictures of objects , where they need to match the number to the image. Next they get open questions where they need to give the number shown. All exercises have at least one ten with a few remaining objects. Encourage the students to skip count the 10s, and then count the remaining objects. Ask students to count out loud as much as possible.


Check that students can skip count in 10s and ask them to explain that they must count on from ten when counting the remaining objects. Emphasize that skip counting in 10s is useful, because you can count faster. Check that students can skip-count in 10s by discussing the images on the interactive whiteboard. Erase the boxes to reveal the answer.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty will tend to count the objects 1 by 1. Encourage them to skip count in 10s by saying the number line out loud, and by jumping by 10 from a given number. Also practice counting on from 10.

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