Skip counting by 100s to 1,000
Skip counting by 100s to 1,000

Skip counting by 100s to 1,000

Skip count by 100s to 1,000.

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Students learn to skip count forward and backward by 100s to 1,000 from any given number.



Learning objective

Students will be able to skip count forward and backward by 100s to 1,000 from any number.


The monsters are taking bags of money out of the vault. Unfortunately, every step they fall, they lose $10 from the bag of money they are carrying. Example: The monster at the top has fallen two steps (-$20) they started with $60 in their bag, but now they only have $40 left.


Discuss that it is important to be able to count using jumps of 100 forward and backward to 1,000. Use the table to show that when skip counting using hundreds, only the digit in the hundreds place changes. Show the number line and practice skip counting forward and backward by 100 with the students. Then ask students to determine which numbers should be on the balls on the interactive whiteboard. Erase the grey square to show the answer. Then ask students to determine which numbers belong at the question marks on the number line shown on the interactive whiteboard. Then ask students to complete the tables counting forward and backward.

Check that students are able to skip count by 100s to 1,000 by asking the following questions:
- What happens to the digit in the hundreds place when you skip count by 100s?
- Which number comes after 735 when skip counting by 100s?
- Which number comes before 984 when skip counting by 100s?


Students are given exercises in which they must complete the given number sequences either by skip counting forward or backward. They are also given a table to complete in which they must skip count forward and backward.


Discuss the learning goal and how by learning to skip count they are preparing themselves for calculating later on. Ask students what the steps are of skip counting by 100s. When skip counting by 100s which number comes after 635? And which comes before 721? Tell students that they will form pairs to play the game "Where am I" with steps of 100 up to 1,000. The first student says a number, takes a few big steps, and then asks "Where am I?". The other student takes the same number of steps and skip counts out loud from the first number and says which number they end up on. They then swap roles. Tell students that they can step forward- skip counting forward by 100 or they can step backward- skip counting backward by 100.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty with this learning goal can be supported by counting forward and backward to 100 in jumps of 10. When they are comfortable with this, have students start at 0 or 1,000 and then progress to starting at 200 counting forward or starting at 600 counting backward. Once the student has gained confidence here, have them start with small number sequences in which they must determine the last number like- counting forward: 215 - 315 -?; 765 - ? -? counting backward: 439 - 339 - ?; 912 - ? - ?.

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