Simple and compound sentences

Simple and compound sentences

I can write simple and compound sentences.

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Simple and compound sentences

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Being able to distinguish between simple, compound, and complex sentences is an important skill to learn. Many students may perceive grammar to be a difficult topic to understand, but this lesson breaks down different types of sentences in a way that is clear and interactive. This lesson covers the critical concept of nouns and predicates and introduce students to the concept of independent versus dependent clauses.

Common core standard(s)



To continue developing reading and writing skills, it is important for students to understand the difference between simple and compound sentences. The relationship between a subject and predicate is explained. This lesson also introduces the concept of independent and dependent clauses.

Guided practice

Create fun sentences by spinning a wheel to pick a subject, and spinning a second wheel to pick a predicate. "The cow can ride a unicycle."


Have students look at the provided image prompt. Give them time to write a simple sentence and a compound sentence based on the image. Consider having students share their creations.

Teaching tips

Students should be familiar with nouns, verbs and adjectives before beginning this lesson

Remind students that in a simple sentence, the subject should be stated before the predicate

The FANBOYS acronym can be a good way to remember coordinating conjunctions and identify compound sentences

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