Roman Empire: The Early Emperors and Roman Trade
Roman Empire: The Early Emperors and Roman Trade

Roman Empire: The Early Emperors and Roman Trade

I can list and describe the early emperors of Ancient Rome.

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In this lesson, students learn about several early emperors of the Roman empire including Nero, Augustus, Hadrian, and Trajan. They will also learn about the impact of each of these leaders and analyze the importance and effects of trade in the Roman Empire.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify and describe the emperors of Ancient Rome and explain the importance of trade in the Roman Empire.


Have students think about the leaders in their lives like parents, teachers, and coaches. Who is their favorite? Why? What qualities make a good leader? Think of the opposite: Who does not make a good leader? Review the reign of Julius Caesar and the Great Roman Civil War. Show students the timeline of early Rome before the Imperial Period. Explain that after the death of Caesar, Augustus took over and became the first emperor of Rome.


Show students the timeline of early Roman emperors. Go through each of the emperors and highlight the accomplishments and contributions of each one. Then have students drag to place the events in the correct order on the timeline. From here, discuss Roman currency and the use of coins as a way to share news and sway public sentiment. Show the example on the board and have students review the significance of Roman currency. Next, discuss the importance of trade in the Roman Empire and analyze the map.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice, fill-in, and true or false questions.


Students design their own coins for the Roman Empire.

Teaching Tips

You might choose to have students use a Venn Diagram or graphic organizer to compare and contrast the leaders discussed in this lesson.

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