Rhyme schemes in poetry
Rhyme schemes in poetry

Rhyme schemes in poetry

I can recognize and use different rhyme schemes in my poetry.

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In this lesson, students will learn about different rhyme schemes in poetry. They will explore the rhyme schemes for poems, including limericks and couplets. They will apply this knowledge to write their own poems with rhyme schemes of their choice.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and use different rhyme schemes in my poetry.


Students will look read "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and talk about the lines and stanzas. They will also discuss rhyming words in poems. They will then determine if a pair of words rhyme.


Explain how poems have rhyme schemes and how each stanza can have its own rhyme scheme. They will two poems about winter and use letters to show the rhyme schemes. They will also discuss rhyme schemes in limericks (AABBA) and couplets (AABB, etc.).


Students will answer ten questions in which they identify different rhyme schemes and parts of a poem.


Students will recall what they learned about rhyme scenes in poetry. To close out the lesson, students will write a poem with 2 stanzas with at least 4 lines for each. They will choose their own rhyme schemes for their poems.

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