Revise and edit with the stronger and clearer method
Revise and edit with the stronger and clearer method

Revise and edit with the stronger and clearer method

I can strengthen my writing by using the "stronger and clearer" method.

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Teach your students how to improve their writing with the “Stronger and Clearer” method, a form of peer editing in which students first elaborate in their writing and then edit, checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to revise and edit their writing by working with peers and using the stronger and clearer method.


Students begin by sharing if they or people they know wear glasses. Make the connection that glasses can help you see more clearly just like editing and revising helps make your writing clearer. Show students the 3 steps of the Stronger and Clearer method.


In the Stronger and Clearer method, students write their first drafts. Then they share their work with a partner who finds ways to expand the writing. Next, write a second draft before sharing it with a new partner. This partner will find ways to improve spelling and grammar. After this, the student writes their final draft. The process is modeled for students in the lesson. Then they will practice dragging words to expand sentences and fixing capitalization, spelling, and punctuation on several sentences. Students will then have the chance to write, responding to a prompt about what they would like for their next birthday and going through the steps of the Stronger and Clearer method. Tips are included for elaboration and editing.


Students respond to true or false questions as well as multiple-choice questions. They will read a sentence and decide if those sentences need capitalization, spelling, or punctuation corrected. They will also choose words to expand sentences.


Students engage in a discussion about what they liked about this method and how their writing improved from the first to the last draft. Then they read a passage and discuss how it can be improved. You may have students working in groups of pairs.

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