Review capitalization

Review capitalization

I can use correct capitalization.

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Review capitalization

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In this lesson, students will learn when to capitalize words, as well as the proofreading marks to use when making corrections. They will work through a series of activities that involve reading short passages, correcting sentences, and sorting words and phrases by their capitalization.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use correct capitalization.


Students will read two sentences with capitalization mistakes and discuss what they notice. Explain that the sentences were missing capitalization and show a corrected version. Discuss why capitalization is important.


Explain that the first letter of the beginning of a sentence, dates, as well as the word, "I," need to be capitalized. The lesson will give three examples of each. Students will also see that proper nouns, titles, and quotations/dialogue should be capitalized too.

Next, students will edit sentences with capitalization mistakes by drawing three lines under the letters that need to be capitalized. They will also read sentences and determine if they are capitalized correctly. With a partner, students will read a letter and correct the capitalization errors. They will determine if phrases have correct capitalization.

Explain that capitalization mistakes can also happen when words that should not be capitalized are. Students will read five sentences and identify the incorrect sentences.


Students will respond to ten multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall what they learned in this lesson:
- In what instances do words need to be capitalized?
- How can I edit capitalization?
- Why is capitalization important?

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