Retell stories including key details

Retell stories including key details

I can retell stories including key details.

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Retell stories including key details

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In this lesson, students will be introduced to the idea of retelling stories after they read them. They will be introduced to characters, setting, events (Beginning, middle, and end) and how to retell stories using sentence starters, sequence words, etc. They will be told that they use key details (found in pictures and words) to determine the character, the setting and the events in a story.



Learning objective

Students will be able to include key details when retelling stories.


Students will turn and talk to a partner about what they notice in a picture. As a class, students will discuss what they noticed and learn they are called key details. Practicing retelling stories with key details is important because it helps students gain a deeper understanding of what they read.


Go over the different story elements (characters, setting, and events), then explain what “key details” are. Students then observe a picture on the board and use the magnifying glass to zoom in on specific key details they notice. After this, read the passage then have students drag the images to the correct boxes. Next, read another passage and have students drag the key details into the correct boxes. They will practice identifying the beginning, middle and end events of the story as well as the important characters and the main setting.


Students are given ten questions in which they review key terminology and then they respond to a given passage.


Students will spin the wheel and create stories with key details that relate to the image they landed on.

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