Responsible classroom behavior

Responsible classroom behavior

I can identify and explain behaviors for responsible classroom citizens.

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Responsible classroom behavior

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Students discuss and think about responsible behaviors of classroom citizens.

Learning objective

Students will be able to explain what responsible classroom citizens do and how they behave in different scenarios.


Discuss the term responsibility. Ask students to brainstorm about the things they are responsible for, at home or at school or anywhere else. Maybe ask who is responsible for their pets? Emphasize that being responsible means taking charge of the things you are supposed to take care of.


Ask students if they can identify which of the listed behaviors show responsible behavior and which are not responsible. Emphasize that this lesson is going to focus on responsibility at school, not anywhere else. Next, define the term citizen. Explain to students that they are citizens of school and that each citizen has responsibility within a school. Discuss some of the things a responsible citizen might do at school. Can the students come up with other examples? Talk to students about the fact that they are in charge of themselves, in all situations. Ask if they can come up with some responsible behavior for the classroom and cafeteria. Continue with discussing what a responsible citizen might do on the playground. Ask students to circle the pictures that show things a responsible citizen would do at school. Have the students help determine which of the given actions are the actions of a responsible citizen.


Students are first given a set of true/false questions to check their understanding of key concepts from the lesson. Students then answer multiple-choice questions to answer what a responsible classroom citizen would do.


Remind students that they have the power to become responsible classroom citizens and that they likely already do many of these things! Being responsible citizens together makes it easier to be at school together. To close, ask students to come up with one thing they do that makes them a classroom citizen and you can either have them come up and write it on the board or share it in class.

Teaching tips

If you asked students to write down what good classroom citizens can do, you may choose to take the time to create a classroom rules document or a code of conduct for the class. You can also talk to students about the fact that we should try to be responsible citizens, but that sometimes we forget, or sometimes we're so happy or so sad that we behave in a way that is not on the list.

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