Respond to prompts with a variety of sentence types

Respond to prompts with a variety of sentence types

I can answer questions using different sentence types.

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Respond to prompts with a variety of sentence types

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In this lesson, students learn the proper way to answer questions by restating and using complete sentences. Students learn to respond with a variety of sentence types like simple and compound sentences by responding to questions that require more than one piece of information. For example, when asked about the time of day and the weather, their responses might sound like, “It is lunchtime and the weather is sunny.”

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to respond to questions by restating and answering in a complete sentence which answers all parts of the question.


Students will be shown a picture and asked a question that they should answer in a simple sentence. Then they will be asked a similar question that is expanded and must be answered in a compound sentence. For example, “What is the girl doing?” The girl is . “What is the girl doing? What is the boy doing?” The girl is , and the boy is _. Explain that students should respond to questions in complete sentences and that they may need to provide not just one, but two or more pieces of information in their answers.


Responses to questions are modeled for students with both one and two pieces of information. Students practice responding to questions like “What are some examples of kind words?” and “What is a good game you can play in the gym?” They should practice restating and answering in a complete sentence. Next, students read questions and answers and determine how many pieces of information are being asked for. After this, they will draw a line to match questions with their corresponding answers. Finally, students will use the spinner to answer questions about themselves like, “What is your favorite food and why?” and “What time is it now and how is the weather?” Remind students to respond in a complete sentence and answer all parts of the questions.


Students respond to true or false questions as well as multiple-choice questions. They will choose the best answer for each question and determine if sentences are complete.


Students observe a picture on the board and must work with a partner to take turns asking and answering questions about the image.

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