Respond to guidance and support from peers
Respond to guidance and support from peers

Respond to guidance and support from peers

I can respond appropriately during a peer editing conversation.

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Students learn to respond to guidance and support during a peer editing conversation.



Learning objective

Students will be able to respond appropriately to guidance and support during a peer editing conversation in the editing and revising part of the writing process.


Begin the lesson by reviewing the steps of the writing process. Ask what brainstorming and drafting are, and ask if the class can come up with any examples. What comes next? Revising and editing.


Introduce students to the concept of peer editing. Explain that this is when your classmates help you make your own work better. Introduce the two roles taken during this process, that of author and editor. Explain what each of these roles are. Discuss with the class that you will focus on the role of the Author in this lesson. Explain to students that you will be focusing on how to respond as an author to what the editor has to say about your work. Tell the class that there are three categories in which an author would need to respond to. They are responses to suggestions, questions, and compliments. The next slides go through a variety of suggestions, questions, and compliments and give possible author responses in these situations. Remind the class that these are not the only possible responses, but help the class give a framework for what an appropriate response could be. Next, challenge students to come up with their own author responses to the given editor feedback. Discuss the answers as a class.


Students are first asked about the terms given in the lesson, author, editor, and what their roles are. There are then quite a few questions about what an appropriate response would be. Answers are subject to teacher approval as there is no single correct answer possible.


Remind students why it is important to be able to respond appropriately as an author to editor feedback, they help to make your work better! To finish the lesson, spin the wheel of responses. Have students do this in groups or in pairs and work on coming up with different appropriate responses.

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