Residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational land

Residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational land

I can explain the different uses of land and describe residential, industrial...

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Residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational land

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In this lesson, students will examine how land within a community is used and classify land use as “residential” (used for housing), “industrial” (used to make things), commercial” (used to provide services), and “recreational” (where people play or do sports). In the end, they will use what they’ve learned to create their own city!

Learning Objective

Students will be able to classify land as "residential," "industrial," "commercial," and "recreational."


Students are told to think about what they would do if they were given a huge piece of land. What would they do with the land? Would they build a park? A sports arena? Have them share with the class or with a partner. After this, introduce the four types of land by dragging the numbers into the green box. Explain that these types of land help us to get what we want and need.


Begin by explaining recreational land use and providing students with some examples. Ask students what types of housing they live in. Move on to industrial land use. This land is used to make things and includes factories and manufacturing plants. Next, commercial land is used to provide services and includes grocery stores and shopping malls. Finally, recreational land is used for fun and includes parks and gymnasiums. Ask students to share where they like to go to play and have fun in their neighborhood! Have students drag to sort the pictures to the correct box, residential or industrial. Do the same thing and sort into either commercial or recreational. Then students drag the words into the correct basket. Answers are beneath the labels under each basket.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Ask students how the four land types help meet people’s wants and needs. Then have students create their own city! You can choose to have them work independently or in groups/pairs. They can design their city on a poster and they must label the different places in their city as “residential,” “commercial,” “industrial,” or “recreational.”

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