Regions of the United States: The Northeast
Regions of the United States: The Northeast

Regions of the United States: The Northeast

I can describe the Northeast in terms of the 5 themes of Geography.

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Explore the states of the Northeast using The Five Themes of Geography. Students will have an opportunity to practice state locations as well as states and capitals. Weblinks and videos add to the many facts students will learn from this lesson.

Learning objective

Students will be able to describe the Northeast in terms of the 5 themes of Geography.


Students will participate in a class game sharing where they have visited in our country. You might find out if Mary has been to Minnesota or Tom to Tallahassee!


As each theme is discussed, students will relate it to the Northeast. For location, students will learn mnemonic strategies and complete self-check activities to learn the capitals and state locations of the two areas of this region: The New England and Middle Atlantic States. Each state is linked to National Geographic Kids to allow students to obtain thorough knowledge of each state. Physical and human-made features, weather, and climate are topics covered in the theme, place. Human-environment interaction addresses the questions, How do we use the land? What are the jobs and industries of this region? Movement involves students in a discussion of the various modes of transportation found in New York City. The theme of regions looks at the various ethnic groups: Native Americans, Early Europeans (Pilgrims), and those who passed through Ellis Island. This includes a short video about the history of Ellis Island.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will use the states of the shapes to create a collage. Clipart or their own artwork will enhance the creativity of this project. The class can see if they can guess which states students chose in their collage.

Teaching tips

The collage was made by using an image of state outlines and a program that allows students to work on a slide. Encourage students to resize the shapes to fit into their collage. Print and let students add their own artwork, or decorate with more clipart, etc.

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