Reflexive pronouns

I can use reflexive pronouns.

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Reflexive pronouns

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In this lesson, students will learn the purpose and functions of reflexive pronouns. They will complete activities to practice using reflexive pronouns in sentences.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use reflexive pronouns in their speech and writing.


Students will review pronouns by erasing nouns (but not pronouns) to keep from sinking the ship in the big storm. They will also help Miguel climb the word mountain by shrinking the words with pronouns.


Students will be introduced to reflexive pronouns, words that replace an object, so the speaker or writer does not have to repeat the noun over and over. They will look at two examples of sentences using reflexive pronouns. They will look at singular ("myself," "yourself," and "herself/himself/itself") and plural ("ourselves," "yourselves," and "themselves") reflexive pronouns. They will discover how different pronouns can work in the sentence: ".......... bought .......... a phone." Students will see when they should use reflexive pronouns (e.g., when the subject and an object are the same). Next, students will identify pronouns in sentences and the objects they replace. They will also drag reflexive pronouns to complete sentences.


Students will answer 10 questions by supplying the correct reflexive pronouns.


Have students recall the importance of using reflexive pronouns and the situations in which reflexive pronouns are used. Students will use their knowledge of reflexive pronouns to help Miguel and Jada complete a puzzle.

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