Recount stories with key details

Recount stories with key details

I can recount stories including key details.

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Recount stories with key details

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In this lesson, students will



Learning objective

Students will be able to recount stories including key details


Students will spin the wheel and answer the corresponding question (e.g., What is your favorite school memory to retell?). Explain how students might retell a story. Have students discuss why the skill of retelling is important


Students will read The Lion and the Mouse Fable and answer the 5 W's. They will retell the story using that information. Next, they will discuss why the lesson from the fable was important to learn. They will also sequence the fable into beginning, middle, and end.


Students will answer ten questions in which they review the material learned in the lesson. They use the story of the Lion and the Mouse to determine when an event happens in a story.


Students will recall what they learned:
- What does it mean to retell a story?
- Why is retelling important?
- What are the 5 w's?
- Why should I use the 5 w's when I retell a story?

Lastly, students will share their favorite stories to retell.

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