Recount stories including key details
Recount stories including key details

Recount stories including key details

I can recount stories including key details.

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Students will learn how to recount stories and why it is important to be able to do that. They will use graphic organizers and learn the 5 finger retell strategy.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recount stories including key details.


Students will tell a classmate about a story they read recently. Then they will think about the story elements they included when retelling. Recounting stories is a skill that allows students to share their favorite stories.


Students will review characters, setting, and story events (beginning, middle, and end). Students will read a story, "Hopper's Delicious and Daring Adventure," and recount the story using a graphic organizer.

They will also learn a strategy called the 5 finger retell: characters, setting, beginning, middle, end. They will then read another story called "Tom's Tomato Soup" and use the 5 finger retell strategy to recount the story.


Review the lesson with ten questions in which students review key terminology and are given a text in which they are asked to identify key details.


Students will use graphic organizers or the 5 finger retell strategy to retell stories they have read.

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