Recount myths

I can read and identify different elements of myths.

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Recount myths

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Some might say that superhero movies are the myths of the modern day. A myth typically:

- Tries to explain something
- Often has a god or goddess
- Often teaches a lesson
- Usually includes magic
- Happens in an interesting location
- Sometimes explain natural phenomena

Many of the myths we are most familiar with involve Greek Gods. A few familiar Greek myths are provided in this lesson. Who are the main characters? What is the moral of the story?

Common core standard(s)



This lesson will help students identify the different elements of a myth.

Guided practice

Students are given ten questions. They are asked to consider the following: Are the main characters of myths usually human, or superhuman? When are they usually set? Are they true stories? Do they try to teach us something? They are also given the myth of Medusa and asked to answer questions based on this text.

Teaching tips

Consider brainstorming modern-day myths that students may recognize and enjoy. Maybe try searching YouTube & embed the video seamlessly into your lesson plan.

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