Recognizing to 100 on bead strings
Recognizing to 100 on bead strings

Recognizing to 100 on bead strings

Recognizing to 100 on bead strings

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Students learn what bead strings are and can recognize numbers to 100 on bead strings.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to recognize numbers on bead strings. They will be able to calculate faster. They do not need to count each bead to recognize the number indicated on the bead string.


Show the bead string on the interactive whiteboard and ask if the amounts are correct. If an incorrect number is given, ask the students what the correct answer should be. Next show students a number of numbers, written and in numeric form and ask them to drag answers together. Remove the covers to see if the answer is correct.


Explain what bead strings look like. Show that the bead string has 100 beads in groups of 10 red and 10 white beads. Using the bead string show how you discover which number is being indicated by the question mark. The question mark is further than a number of groups of beads. Count aloud using skip counting by tens until you reach 40. Show how there are 7 more beads. Count 7 more to 40 and together there are 47 beads. Ask students if they can tell which number is being indicated by the question marks. They can choose from some options. Next they must give an answer without being given any options to choose from.

Check that students can recognize numbers to 100 on bead strings by asking the following questions:
What do bead strings look like?
How do you know which number is being indicated by a question mark on a bead string?
Are there equal numbers of red beads and white beads on bead strings?

Guided Practice

The students practice by first choosing an answer from four options. Next they practice giving the answer individually without any options to choose from.


Check that students know that a bead string is made up of multiple groups of red and white beads in groups of ten. Emphasize that it is useful to recognize numbers on a bead string to make calculation faster. Finally practice using bead strings by giving students a card with a number to 100 and asking them to place it in the correct spot on the bead string.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty recognizing numbers on bead strings likely have difficulty with counting to 100. Have these students practice counting on the bead string counting the beads one by one. Next have them practice skip-counting by tens.

Instruction materials

100-bead strings, number cards

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