Recognizing half

Recognizing half

Students learn to recognize half.

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Recognizing half

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The students learn to recognize half.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize half in an image.


Have one student drag the halves of the pizza apart and ask what happened (it was split in half).


Explain that you can divide the cake into 2 pieces and drag the pieces apart from each other. Now state that you can evenly divide with someone because then both students have the same amount. When you split something in half, both pieces are the same size. Now discuss with the students which image shows half on an orange and which container of pens is half of the full container. After this, have the students complete the following exercises on their own.

Check whether the students can recognize half by asking the following question:
- How do you know if something is a half?


The students test their ability to recognize half through ten exercises. In some of the exercises they must choose which image shows half of the object, and in other exercises they must answer a true/false question on what the half is.


Discuss once again the importance of being able to recognize half. As a closing activity, have the students draw a line through the images to show where the half is.

Teaching tips

When students have difficulty with recognizing half, then have them practice for example with a real apple, and cut it in different pieces (a half, a quarter, and so on). Show that when both pieces are the same size, then you can divide it evenly with someone else. This is not the case when you for example cut a quarter out of the apple.

Instruction materials

You may use real apples, and a knife to cut them with.

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