Recognize and name letters A-G
Recognize and name letters A-G

Recognize and name letters A-G

I can recognize and name the uppercase and lowercase letters A-G.

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In this lesson, students will learn the letters A-G. They will have a sneak peek at hearing beginning sounds. The focus of this lesson is recognizing and naming the letters A-G.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and name the uppercase and lowercase letters A-G.


As a class, students will discuss the letters in their names. Explain why learning the alphabet is important.


Students will be introduced to each letter, A-G. They will trace a path from the uppercase to the lowercase for each letter. A is for apple. B is for bird. C is for cat. D is for dog. E is for egg. F is for frog. G is for giraffe.

Students will listen to speakers read letters and select the letter they hear. They will also listen to speakers read words (with pictures) and identify the beginning sounds to match to letters. Students will then match the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters.


Students will respond to ten questions which ask them to link uppercase letters to lowercase letters, and to match pictures to their starting letter.


Students will recall what they learned:
- Why is learning the alphabet important?
- Can you name all the letters A-G?

Students will spin the wheel to determine which letter to identify. Lastly, they will play a memory game to match the uppercase and lowercase letters.

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