Reading a scaled picture graph

Reading a scaled picture graph

I can read a scaled picture graph.

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Reading a scaled picture graph

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Students will learn to read and interpret a scaled picture graph. They will learn the parts of the graph. They will read several picture graphs and answer the questions about them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to read a scaled picture graph.


Students begin by discussing when they have seen or used graphs. Examples given are when reading science or social studies text, or keeping track of money earned during a fundraiser.


To begin, students learn that every graph has a title and where that is located. They learn about the labels on the graph that go with category, or topic. They brainstorm to think of labels that would go with a title such as “How I Get to School.” Following this is instruction on the use of symbols with picture graphs. Students find out that the value of the symbol can be changed as needed to reflect the data in the graph. Using a drag and drop activity, they complete an exercise computing questions such as if a triangle = 3, how much would 4 triangles equal. Students also receive instruction and practice on working with half a symbol. The lesson concludes with two graphs to interpret and answer questions about along with the 10-question quiz.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions


Students will use clues to discover the value of the symbol on a picture graph. They will generate two questions to ask their class about the picture graph.

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