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I can quote the text as evidence to support my inferences.

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Quote the text

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Students learn to quote the text as evidence and learn how to use quotes accurately in their responses.



Learning objective

Students will be able to quote the text as evidence to support their inferences and responses.


Have students form pairs and imagine that they are detectives at a crime scene. What must they do to solve their case? Discuss possibilities as a class. It is likely that the students mentioned that the detective should gather clues and evidence. Explain to students that in a similar way, when they want to support their inferences or answers about a text, they should use quotes as evidence.


Explain that quotation marks indicate that they are words taken from someone else. Show students an example of a correctly quoted sentence and show students that they must place the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quote. In addition, inform students that they must also introduce the quote in the text with sentence starters. Show that you write the sentence starter, place a comma and quotation marks, and then start the quote. As a class, read the given text. Then show the response which tells how Kristina feels about helping others, and show how quotes are used to support the idea and give evidence. Ask students if they can determine which of the two given texts has been written correctly. Discuss the differences as a class. Next, read the given text as a class and ask the students to highlight the details that support the inference that Mariah learned to be more thoughtful of others. Next, ask students to write a response and quote accurately from the text to support the inference discussed on the previous slide.


Students are given a set of ten questions which check their understanding of the key concepts given in the lesson. In some questions students must determine if the given quotes are accurately written.


Remind students that quoting a text provides support for their inferences in a text and that it is much like a detective in search of clues and evidence to prove a case. Close the lesson by asking students to correct the given sentences with the pencil tool. What is wrong with them?

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