Quote the informational text

Quote the informational text

I can quote the informational text as evidence to support my inferences.

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Quote the informational text

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In this lesson, students will learn to how to accurately quote text, using correct punctuation with commas, quotation marks, and periods. They will use sentence starters to help them quote text. They will also make inferences about passages and write responses about them quoting the text.



Learning objective

Students will be able to quote the informational text as evidence to support their inferences.


With partners, students will discuss what detectives need to do to solve mysteries. Detectives look closely at information, make inferences, and find evidence. Tell students they will act like detectives to cite evidence from texts to support their answers.


Explain different sentence starters students can use to introduce a quote (e.g., "According to the text," "The author states,"). Students will discuss an important aspect of quoting text: punctuation. They will see where to add commas, quotation marks, and periods.

Students will then look at two examples of quoting text and determine which one is correct. They will read and highlight evidence that supports an inference in a passage about the chimney swift, the bird with the most energy. They will also do this with a passage about wild animals as pets.


Review how to accurately quote the text with ten questions.


Have students recall why it is important to use quotes from texts and how to quote accurately. To close out the lesson, students will correct sentences with mistakes in quoting text. They will also read a passage about bees, make an inference, and write a response.

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