Provide a narrative conclusion

Provide a narrative conclusion

I can write a concluding paragraph for a narrative writing piece.

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Provide a narrative conclusion

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In this lesson, students will learn four techniques to write conclusions for narratives. They will practice using each technique with partners. They will then use these techniques to finish a full narrative about celebrating a birthday or holiday.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write a concluding paragraph for a narrative writing piece.


Students will discuss the elements of a narrative writing piece. Explain why endings are important to include when writing narratives.


Students will explore different ways to end narratives, such as rephrase your opening, share your character's feelings, sharing the lesson learned, and end with a hope for the future. Students will look at examples and do a Think Pair Write for each different way. They will be given a prompt and discuss with a partner how they would end the narrative with the given ending. Students will then review the four techniques they learned and discuss that some endings can include multiple techniques. They will read an example and determine which techniques were used.


Students will answer 10 questions that ask them to define the different types of narrative conclusions and to determine which kind of narrative conclusion is used.


Students will answer the following questions:
- What are the elements of narrative writing?
- Why do authors craft conclusion paragraphs?
- What are 4 techniques you can use to craft your conclusion paragraph?

Students will spin the wheel to determine which kind of ending they will write in response to the prompt: "Write a story about a time when you celebrated a birthday or holiday."

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