Provide a list of sources
Provide a list of sources

Provide a list of sources

I can provide a list of sources I used during research.

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In this lesson, students will learn why they need to provide a list of sources, as well as how to do so. They will use a simplified citation format to cite print and online sources. They will practice citing different examples of books and online articles. They will use this knowledge to create their own Works Cited page.

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Learning objective

Students will be able to provide a list of sources I used during research.


Students will discuss these questions in pairs: How do we conduct research? Where do researchers get their information from? How do they give credit to others? They will read about the purpose of research and watch a short video about how researchers give credit to authors who wrote the resources.


Discuss what it means to cite a source and why it is important to credit others. Students will drag the correct reasons why researchers must cite their sources. Introduce the term “bibliography” and explain what they are. Students will read the citation formats for print and online sources. Then, they will look at different examples and determine if they are cited correctly. They will practice correcting a citation.


Students will answer 6 true/false and 4 multiple-choice questions about citing sources.


Students will practice citing sources on their own after being provided with source information, such as book/website titles and author names. They will use what they have learned to provide a list of sources based on their own research of a topic.

Instruction materials

- printable

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