Pronoun case

I can use the correct pronoun case.

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Pronoun case

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In this lesson, students will learn about the difference between the three pronoun cases: subjective, objective, and possessive. They will practice using them in sentences and learn how to identify misuses of pronouns.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use the correct pronoun case.


Students will review sentence subjects and objects by identifying the subject and two objects in this sentence: "Deshawn kicks the ball to Khalil." They will also read a collection of sentences and highlight the subjects and objects. They will review possessive nouns by naming people's objects around the room.


Students will be introduced to pronoun cases: subjective, objective, and possessive. They will read the charts for each case to see which pronouns are used when. Students will then practice using the subjective, objective, and possessive cases by reading sentences and highlighting the subjects and replacing them with the correct pronouns. Then they will race a classmate to sort pronouns. Students will read sentences and choose the correct pronoun to complete each sentence. They will also discuss difficult pronoun case problems, such as "Khalil and I went home," or "Khalil and me went home." Students will also check sentences for any errors in pronoun case.


In 10 questions, students will review when to use different pronoun cases to have clear, correct sentences.


Have students recall what they learned about pronoun cases. They will close out the lesson with a partner activity. Each student will write three sentences. Of those three, two sentences will contain pronoun case mistakes. They will switch with their partners and correct their sentences.

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