Progressive verb tenses
Progressive verb tenses

Progressive verb tenses

I can form and use progressive verbs.

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This lesson covers three forms of progressive verbs: present, future, and progressive. Students will learn which verbs to use for each form. They will then complete activities to practice these verbs.



Learning objective

Students will be able to form and use progressive verbs.


Students will review verbs and use verbs to describe what is happening in the pictures of families playing in the snow.


Students will be introduced to progressive verbs, words that indicate a continuing action. They will go over the three forms of progressive verbs: present, past, future. Students will read one sentence for each of the three forms and fill in the missing verb.

They will discuss which verbs to use for present tense: "am," "is," and "are." Students will read three sentences and circle the present progressive verbs in each sentence. They will go over using the past progressive verbs: "was" and "were." They will also go over using the future progressive verbs before the verb: "will be" and "going to (be)."

They will sort different verbs into "present progressive," "past progressive," and "future progressive" verbs. Students will read sentences and fill in the blanks with progressive verbs.


Review progressive verbs with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned about progressive verbs and then complete a spinner activity.

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