Produce and expand complete sentences

Produce and expand complete sentences

I can produce and expand a complete sentence.

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Produce and expand complete sentences

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In this lesson, students learn strategies to help them expand their sentences, like adding the time, location, and reason. First, students will review what makes a complete sentence (subject and predicate), before stretching sentences with details (when, where, and why after the subject and predicate). They'll practice writing their own sentences and even take part in a fun, but challenging maze!



Learning Objective

Students will be able to add more detail to stretch their simple sentences.


Students are presented with an image and asked a question (e.g. what are the kids doing?). They will be given a sentence starter so that they can respond to the question in a full sentence (e.g. The kids are ...)


Students will be presented with jumbled up words and phrases. They will drag and place the words on a line to create a full sentence. Following this, students will be shown some sentences and phrases, and they will have to determine if they are complete or incomplete sentences by dragging an "x." Finally, students will take part in a fun maze. They will try to exit the maze by drawing a line connecting only complete sentences.


Students are given 10 exercises in which they are asked to determine if sentences are complete or incomplete and then they must select a word that best fits into an expanded sentence.


Students will write their own expanded sentences by answering the questions, "Who?" "Did what?" "When?" "Where?" and "Why?"

Teaching tips

Visuals are a great way to help students expand sentences! Have students illustrate their sentences or show them an image and have them write a sentence using details they observe. It's also helpful to use graphic organizers to help students write a sentence one step at a time. Present students with the first part of their sentence - "Who?" Then move on to the "Did what?" and continue with this process.

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