Print the letter Ll

Print the letter Ll

I can recognize and print the letter Ll.

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Print the letter Ll

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This lesson will help students learn how to recognize and print the letter Ll. Students follow the lion Latif through the lesson.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and print the letter Ll, as well as determine if a word has an Ll sound.


Students are asked to review the letter Kk and delete the words with the letter Kk. By doing so they reveal Latif the lion, their guide for the letter Ll. Students are then asked to write the upper and lowercase Kk. You may choose to have students do this on their own sheets of paper, or to ask a few students to come to the board to demonstrate writing the letter.


Have students help to crown Latif as the Lion King by dragging the L. Latif will then ask their royal subject Max to write the letter Ll in the air. Have students do this along with Max. Have them practice a few times. Students will then practice writing uppercase and lowercase Ll on the board and on their own paper. Two students can race to complete a puzzle that shows what Latif's favorite sport is.
Students will then practice and pronounce Ll sounds. Ask students if they can determine which letter belongs at the start of each of the given words. Have the class determine if they need an uppercase or lowercase Ll. How do they decide? Students will then practice identifying Ll sounds in words. Have students help Latif catch all of their favorite words (words with Ll) in the nets.


Review the letter Ll with 10 questions on identifying the letter Ll. They must do so by clicking the letter Ll within words, within sentences, and by only selecting the upper or lowercase Ll. They are then asked to listen and hear if the given word has an "Ll" sound.


Students will review how to write the letter Ll and then decorate the letter Ll. You can close with a special video about Latif's friend Triton, a lion who likes to play soccer! (link to youtube)

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