Presidents' Day: George Washington

Presidents' Day: George Washington

I can describe the life of George Washington.

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Presidents' Day: George Washington

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Teach your students about our very first president, George Washington. Students learn about Washington’s early start as a surveyor and his leadership role in the Revolutionary War, fighting for independence from the British. The lesson is filled with engaging content, including an informative, animated video, a fun guessing game about monuments, and a “fact or fiction?” game about Washington.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe George Washington’s leadership in the Continental Army and identify the significance of George Washington in historical terms.


Students will begin the lesson by brainstorming a list of as many presidents as they can think of. Next, they will fill out a K-W-L chart about George Washington and then learn about his role as the “Father of our Country.” Beginning with the First and Second Continental Congresses, and through his history leading the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, students will learn about Washington’s important role in U.S. history.


Students will observe a painting of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and assess the difficulties he and his army faced in their fight for independence. Next, they will learn about the creation of the constitution and think about a new law they would like to create. After watching an informative video, students answer several questions and decipher the meaning of vocabulary words. Finally, students take part in a fun guessing game. Using clues, they will guess the memorial or monument dedicated to Washington, including Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument in D.C.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will complete their K-W-L charts and work with a partner to research one new, additional fact about Washington.

Teaching tips

Use the questions in this lesson as writing prompts. For example, students can write about a law they would like to create or explain why Washington was significant in our history.

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